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さまざまなアーティストから発信されるSan Franciscoのレタープレス文化。
グリーティングカードだけでなく、オーダーも盛んで、San Franciscoでは、高感度なショップやレストランはレタープレスのショップカードを持ち、花嫁はレタープレスでInvitationを用意する。

そもそも、San Franciscoの周辺やNew Yorkなど、アメリカにおける本格的なレタープレス人気は、6年ほど前(2003年くらい)からだという。きっかけは、かのMartha Stewartが紹介したからなんだそうだ。
一時期いろいろあったけど、彼女のセンスは相変わらず多くの人々を魅了しているし、その波及力は計り知れない。美しい色づかいのコーディネートとすばらしいアイディアは、私にも、重要な影響力を及ぼしている。彼女が監修する『MARTHA STEWART Wedding』誌には、毎号必ず、うっとりするようなレタープレスのペーパーアイテムが紹介されている。


私が会ったSan Franciscoの彼女たちは、本当に太陽のように抜けた明るさで、この仕事が楽しい!というオーラをいっぱい振りまいているような気がして、それがほんとうに印象的だった。

Through this trip to SFO, I could see what I want to do more cleary.
This is it. This is the letterpress among the people in SFO. More with color, more free.
the culture of letterpress in SFO is just awesome. There are various of artisits who have amazing sence, custom design of letterpress is very popular here.
They said this letterpress trend had been continued about for 6 years, after Martha Stewart mentioned about. we could see some adorable letterpress wedding invitation suites in her magazine ” MARTHA STEWART wedding“.

the letterpress in San Francisco is the style what i’ve been wanted to try, but it is so different from the letterpress in Japan, called “kappan” in Japanese.
letterpress is popular in San Francisco now. Though it’s more expensive because it takes much time to make them, we could get this beautiful taste and texture. also, there are many letterpress printers who use soy ink and the paper not made from wood. it might became one of the reason eco-concious people love them.
It might be just a boom at first, but gradually, it has been spread to people here, in this 6 years.

I was so impressed the brightness and cherfulness of the letterpress-people who I met in San Francisco!
they seems enjoy so much working for letterpresst things. I really inspired and encouraged by them…Thanks ALL!!!

photos :
{crads from my collection}
top from right to left:
“thanks” — eggpress /Portland, California
“Miss You” — hello!Lucky /San Francisco, California
initial “m” — BirdDog press /Lyons, Colorado

bottom from right to left:
“feel better soon. ” —odd ball press /Cleveland, Ohio
“birthday girl” — eggpress /Portland, California
“cut to the point” — small square design /San Francisco, California

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