birthday macaroon cake

以前、こちらの記事でご紹介した、耳かき「JIJI」を作っているYURIE KANAZAWAさん。
実は、今回megropressがsmb et smbとともにオープンしたスタジオ「PLY.」のオープニングパーティ「NOW PLAYING」で、彼女がフォトグラファーとして撮影を担当してくれました。
the catering -our friends did all servises, amazing!

 the letterpress print trial

the party souvenir -the guests printed their own
yurie took gorgeous photos for us at the opening party of our new studio ” PLY.“.
It looks just gorgeous and so warm. By each shot, she enclosed her warm affection in the film.
You could see more pictures here.


ありがとう! misaco & yurie !!

And also, she made a birthday cake for January birthday poeple! It’s me and Keita.
We didn’t noticed that at all! That made me swoon!
Look that cake! Isn’t it just cute?
Those crazy cute macaroons are handmade by her and her husband. The colors are requested by misaco, and blue is our studio color. How exquisite you are!
Thank you so much! yurie & misaco!

the cutest macaroon cake!
photo & made by yurie kanazawa

Author: yoko