Brooklyn favorites

Brooklynのおしゃれ食料品屋さん、Marlow & Daughtersで見つけ たおいしいものを少し。

Marlow & DaughtersはMarlow & Sonsというレストランの姉妹店で、ローカルな食料やお肉やハム、パンなどを扱うお店。店内の様子はSunday Suppersのこの記事で素敵な写真をどうぞ。
Marlow & Sonsのオーナーが出版している食と農に関する季刊誌”Diner Journal”もいい感じです。

It is fun to have nice local food.
I bought some good stuff at Marlow & Daughters, the sister shop of Marlow & Sons, both are located in Brooklyn. They sells grocery and more. You could see some nice pictures about this shop on Sunday Supper blog.
And you may like “Diner Journal“, a seasonal magazine focused on food and agriculture, which is published from the owner of Marlow & Sons.


MORRIS KITCHEN is running by brother and sister in Brooklyn, uses ingredients from local. They sell only this product now, other products are in research phase.
The label design is good and simple, beautifully letterpress printed.

LiddAbitの”Beer and Pretzel Caramel”こちらもローカルに活動する女性二人のスウィーツブランドの、ビールとプレッツェル入りの大きなキャラメル。濃くておいしい!ビールは、地ビールBrooklyn Breweryのもの。これはやばい、やみつきです。

LiddAbit is the Brooklyn local confectionery running locally by two ladies.
This is big and a bit heavy, contained pretzel and Brooklyn Brewery‘s 2types of beer. So yummy and addicted!!

Author: yoko