cool post cards

今年2月にNOW IDeA byUTRECHTで行われた、小木曽瑞枝さんの個展『深 海の庭』に合わせて、bluemarkの菊池さんがデザインしたポ ストカードセット。bluemark、やっぱりすてきです。

{ image from TAKEO WEB PAPER }

So cute and nice color mix.
These post cards were designed by Atsumi Kikuchi / bluemark. I love bluemark’s works very much! You may know him by these Japanese clothing brands, Mina perhonen and Sally Scott. They are also his brand planning works.
These cards are made for “shinkai no umi” (..means deep ocean), the personal exhibition of Mizue Ogiso took place at Now IDeA byUTRECHT in Tokyo.


Author: yoko