decoboco festa 2010 -booth round up1


decoboco festa 2010” ended on 5th May. The weather was perfect, all exhibitors did a wonderful job, so many people came to visit. And I’m really really glad to meet so many people at our booth! Thank you so much for coming and purchasing our letterpress cards! Many of them ask me about “The Box for Letter Lovers“. The boxes were not for sale, but I’m planing to sell letterpress cards set in the near future. I’ll post the information on this blog soon. Thank you so much for your attentions! Well, I’d like to post about some exhibitor booths at this event. Enjoy!





Outotsu Sha
Shoji Onuma is a photographer and making letterpress stationery with cool and delicate design. I really love to see these crystal shape and all quads…so delicate. There were her new book of photography about the things related letterpress and the old printing shop that she took the types and equipments over from. and the packs of coffee beans from Ooya Coffee with nice letterpress labels. You can see some images here about the really nice collaborations of coffee and letterpress. See 2010.04.24.Sat post.


上部に目を惹く大きなプリント!もちろんこれも活版です。ユニバーサルレター プレスは多くのデザインをてがけているミスター・ユニバースこ と、関 宙明さんのレーベルでもあります。素敵なデザインワークの他にも、気軽に手に入れら れるすてきな便箋やカードなどもたくさんありました。ユニバーサルレタープレスさんでは活版印刷のワークショップを開催されているので、気になった方はぜ ひ。ワークショップの様子はこちらのブログでみれます。

Universal Letterpress
Cool letterpress print up there caught our eyes. Universal Letterpress is a letterpress work of talented art director, Hiroaki Seki, a.k.a Mr. Universe.  We could see not only their design works but small letterpress paper items such as cards and envelopes. Universal Letterpress have one day workshop class at their studio. You can peek the workshop class on their blog. plus, I enjoy to see nice photos on Mr.Universe blog.

活版印刷 つるぎ堂 

つるぎ堂 さんは3代続く活版印刷屋さんです。つるぎ堂さんのブログはこちらか ら。

Tsurugi Do
Cute and a bit weird illustrations, ornaments and alphablox! Tsurugi-Do has been running a letterpress printing shop for 3 generations in Tokyo.


{ all photos by megropress }