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今回は美しいノートブックが目を惹きました。ラインが破線になっている感じが「キラリ」です。 ノート自体も手で製本されていて、表紙は活版印刷。全色ほしいですね。ブログはこちら。(そして、はじめて「りゅうこつ座」を調べてみました。)

Mysterious, tranquility, and secret fancy humor…, it’s my image of Ryukotsu-Do. A scent of nature science, specimens, glasses… Her booth is with chic small printed matters, always fun to see. The hand made note books that are featured, the cover is printed by letterpress. I love this stitched lines, want to have all colors. (Ryukotsu means Carina, the constellation.)

今回初出展の山田理加さんの作品。シンプルだけど、必要なものだけを丁寧に扱うほんとうのおしゃれな人、という彼女のイメージが作品にもよく出ていました。繊細なイラストと、パターンのポストカードたち。カーキの生地に木のボックスを並べた展示もセンスが光ります。 パンをよく知る山田さんだけに、酵母のように、ゆっくり紙やインクと対話して制作しているようなイメージが目に浮かびます。

Rika Yamada
This is her first time to join this event, but she did nice work. I could feel careful and detailed work from her prints, it could be said to her personality too. She’s been working for bakery, as a yeast ferment slowly, I imagine, she was making her prints with facing to the condition of paper and ink without haste. I asked her about the word “VUORI” on the back of the postcard. She said it means “mountain” in Finish. Her name includes the word which means mountain 🙂


Kaigan Insatsu
Small pieces of old maps, books, or some other prints, seems like float in the still water. This is titled “the memories of drifting”. Lovely idea.

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