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ananas press

ananas pressは、製本作家の都筑晶絵さんと、ブックデザイナーの山元伸子さんによるリトルプレスのレーベル。こちらは『水の空』という作品。活版で刷られ た言葉たちがガラス瓶に詰められ、なんともポエティック。
ananas pressとして、これまでも『Sincerely yours,』『color full/カラ フル』『Science Nonfiction』といったすてきな作品があります。都筑さんは、フランスとスイスで製本を学ばれ、TypeShop_g で製本を教えていらっしゃいます。都筑さんのブログはこちら

ananas press
The duo behind “ananas press” are Akie Tsuzuki/book binder,  and Nobuko Yamamoto/book designer. This is their latest work called “mizu no sora” (means the sky of the water) . Tiny pieces with Japanese words printed by letterpress bottled in glass jars. ananas press has been released nice books such as “Sincerely yours,“, “color full/カラ フル“, “Science Nonfiction“. Akie learned book binding in Ascona, Switzerland and France, and now teaches book binding to public at TypeShop_g in Tokyo. To read her blog click here.


ananas pressの山元伸子さんのプライベートプレス。

The private press of Nobuko Yamamoto of ananas press. She publish irregularly small magazine called “Hiroi yomi“. They are made by silk-screen and letterpress printing by herself. She always deliver us nice feelings of words in everyday life. Access her blog here.



She is a talented illustrator and stamp artist. Her work is amazing! Those up are famous people in Japanese history. I love dress-up dolls stamps. Those are so cute. You can order her to make your own stamps, too. Jump to her blog to see more photos of her works.

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