decoboco festa 2010 -booth round up4


There were more artists and suppliers at the event, but this is the last post about decoboco festa 2010 -booth round ups.


こちらの記事でも紹介したTOKYO PEAR。展示の仕方もとてもかわいく、ブース前はいつも混雑してました!カラフルなカラーとキュートなモチーフで、かなり女子心をくすぐります。レタープレスに最適といわれるコットン100%の輸入紙を使用した、グッとつよいプレスが印象的です。名刺などのオーダーもされていますので、気になった方はこちらから。


I posted about them before, but I love not only their cards but the presentation. Their booth was always jam-packed with girls… so lovely. Deep impression on the 100% cotton paper from US with bright colors and bold, fresh design. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading their bilingual blog!


I was absolutely delighted to meet the husband + wife design team behind smbetsmb. They are talented art director and graphic designer and also the members of nanilani co.,ltd. Their prints hanged on the wall and it really stood out. I believe they make another new movement in japanese letterpress world! You can see the process of making this prints on smbetsmb’s blog, with nice photos.


This is the first time for megropress to sell and talk about our products to the users directly. It is said it’s so important and interesting to catch the direct reaction from users, but we’ve never experienced that. Then it happened there! It became so precious experience for us. We really thank people who bought our cards, see our cards, and listened to what we talk about. I was so glad to hear that there are people who bought our card and write a message to others! It’s natural thing, but, oh, this is what we’ve dreaming so far. We’ve been thinking we wish we could connect someone and someone with the cards we made! The dreams come true in front of us. This is so precious moment for us. xoxo!

Author: yoko