Kappan Festa: started

搬入の時に、ちょうどananas press+annaの3人(ブックバインディングの先生でもある製本家の都築晶絵さんとグラフィックデザイナーで ヒロイヨミ社の山元伸子さん、アーティストのAnna Gleesonさん)がちょうど設営中でいらっしゃってて、緊張の中お話が少しできたので、不安も吹っ飛んで救われました!ありがとう!

My first exhibition is gonna be held!
When I and my hasbund are carrying our stuff in to the class room with a bit of uneasiness, members of annas press+ anna are setting up their booth. They talked to me, and it makes me releaved…I was absolutely delited to meet these 3 girls. thank you so much!
ananas press+anna are: Akie Tsuzuki, Nobuko Yamamoto, Anna Gleeson. Love their things.