exhibition just started

megropressが、二子玉川にある箱専門店「BOX & NEEDLE」さんの店内の一部で展示をさせていただく、ミニ展覧会 ” THE LETTERPRESS MESSAGES”、はじまりました。

お店の営業時間は、11:00〜18:00まで 、水曜が定休日。


We proudly introduce our exhibition at the paper box shop
in Futakotamagawa, called “BOX & NEEDLE“.
This exhibition is small, but special.
We’ll show and sell not only our new letterpress cards there, but the recipe cards & note cards + dividers made exclusively for their boxes!
Please come and see the cutest box shop in the world, and have a look our cards.
Shop open 10am – 6pm, closed on Wednesdays, click here to view map.

Author: yoko

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