good things happen in threes


これからは、アートディレクター、グラフィックデザイナーとして活動している”smb et smb“の2人とともに、この場所をシェアをします。



I have a confession to make…We’ve moved at the end of October.
Not all our house, only our letterpress printing equipment moved to the new studio space! And we will share the space with “smb et smb“, the art director & the graphic designer duo.
The studio space is located in Oookayama, Tokyo. (near my house!) It’s not big, but we three have been done a lot for renovating the floor and setting up good!
The name is “PLY.”, but the pronunciation is[pléɪ], a coined word of “ply” and “play”.

The sneak peeks of the studio space are now on the blog, please have a look!
Will be open in January 2011, as a studio of letterpress printing, a workspace for experimentation, a cozy room for sharing our ideas, and more. Good things will be happen in threes!