Heartfish Press


Hijiri from Hijirik Studio launched the new letterpress label called Heartfish Press in Brooklyn,NY on 11/1/2011! Yes, the same day as we opened PLY. in Tokyo!

Heartfish Press Web site (image from heartfish blog)

もともとはHijirik Studioという名前で活躍されていましたが、この2011/1/11に Heartfish Pressとして生まれ変わりました。

WoodType Posters (image from heartfish press website)

Heartfish Pressは、5月にNYで毎年行われるNational Stationery Showに、今回初出展されます。運良く行かれる方はぜひチェックを!

She looked after me when I visited NY last year, and now we are friend. I love her creation. Not only the powerful letterpress prints and posters with wood types but the greeting cards with elegant touch.
I’m looking forward to seeing her new works!!!
She will be showing Heartfish Press at National Stationery Show in May!

Congratulations, Hijiri!

  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful mention!!!


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