The Hive at 1151

この間のBOX & NEEDLEもそうだったけど、様々なバックグラウンドの女子が集まってできる小さな起業、もっとふえそうで楽しみ。

I’m excited to the growth of  the small and creative business, which launched by girls who had different back grounds, like BOX & NEEDLE that I’ve mentioned.
The Hive at 1151 is the studio offers to wedding and creative workshop in Washington. It was launched by girls who had backgrounds in photograph, letterpress design and print, event coordinate. They will offers some good programs for the people who want to make paper items and displays for their wedding, here. I’m sure that these kind of services are demanded now.

これは、つい最近ワシントンで立ち上がった、ウェディング&クリエイティブ・ワークショップを提供する、The Hive at 1151。レタープレスデザイナー、カメラマン、イベントコーディネーターが集まって立ち上げられました。

It is one of the most happy and exciting things to talk girls who have same strength of will and same direction of interests. It has a big power to give birth something.

Author: yoko

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