これいけなかった。。。spiralでやっていた「紙片(かみへん)」。あーほんとに残念。ボックスみたかったし、欲しかったー、とくに drop aroundのを見たかった。

A4 flyer

Oh, I ‘m really really disappointed I missed to visit this! The exhibits, called “Kamihen“, the paper working of 3 artists, Yoko Inoue, drop around, Shingo Okazaki. I wanted to see and get their boxes…especially droparound’s one.

{ these pictures from drop around Journal }

Their nice shop is now closed, but drop around has been working on design and product planning, based on the concept of “travel” from 2000. You may know these series of paper items which is sold from “klassiky“.

Author: yoko