KOSAI the wonderland

山 に入ってわらび、ゼンマイ、ふき、みず、せりなどを収穫したり、タケノコも生まれて初めて掘った。巻きの向きがあり、それと逆に掘り起こすのがコツ。こん にゃくいもから、こんにゃくをつくって、ヤーコンをすり下ろしてだんごをつくったり、夜はすごい星空で、流れ星を2つも見た。

KOSAI is the area that’s in miyagi prefecture,northan Japan.
my husband’s father is from there.
that is the perfect nature wonderland!
4 of 7 siblins are living in this village with their family.
KOSAI is famous for the good rice, once selected as the best rice of Japan.
the rice here is different, absolutely.
but because of the policy of reducing rice acreage, they have to stop some of their rice fields.
to save rice field, we eat rice more!
our family changed one of the rice field to soba field, so we could do soba making,.
from grinded soba(buckwheat) seeds into flour with a stone hand mill, then make soba, and eat them for the lunch. what a luxe experience! never happen in tokyo.
we did picking edible wild plants(zenmai, fuki, seri…) ,dig banboo sprouts! and did a lot!
In the night, there are soooo many stars in the black sky, I saw 2 shooting stars!!
that’s why i said here is the perfect nature wonderland. If you interested in Kosai, plz let me know!

Author: yoko