L letterpress

先日、アメリカのレタープレスは裾野が広い、と書きましたが、裾野が広いといえば、少し前にアメリカのレタープレス関連のblogで話題になっていた、この、”L letterpress“。

Talking about the popularity of the letterpress in USA, I recall the controversial thing,  “L letterpress“. Some letterpress printers/designers spotted about pros and cons about it in their blogs.


{ photo from L letterpress web site }
 The press machine.
別売のプレートなどを挟んでぐるぐる回すとプレスされる。$89.99 と、1万円弱で買えるお手頃価格。

You will know how easy to print with it when you see the demo. This might be the same position as Gocco!? Both are the result of making things easier. There are many paper items created with it on the blog. Most of all letterpress printers/designers might be thought they are completely different from their works. I’m curious about how it’s going.