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このテーマで、ゲストデザイナーとして参加してくれたHanaさんとともに、3種類の作品を展示しています。前に紹介した<母の日の贈る手紙> シリーズのほかに、こちらも展示しています。 

megropress is taking part in Decoboco Festa in Tokyo. Our theme is “Gift That Cards!”. We made 3 kinds of products with our guest designer Hana Irisawa. 2 of them are here, and another one is… 

The Box for Letter Lovers


LIBERTY is one of the most famous fabric company in the world, now in it’s 135 Anniversary year. With paying homage to their long history and amazing creativity, I made 3 fabric boxes using LIBERTY tana loan. Do you know their seasonal patterns comes from each different themes or stories? I made letterpress flat cards and folded cards, with motifs inspired from the stories of each patterns. It’s perfect for LETTER LOVERS, including me! (These products are not for sale.)


この布の名は”Cool Coast”といい、Simon Hart氏のイラストが全面に展開されています。この絵は彼が英国の西端、コーンウォール地方を旅したときのイメージから生まれたそう。

featured fabric : “Cool Coast” ( Liberty / 2009 seasonal collection)
message pencil :”GET THE LEAD OUT” (by MAKE A POIINT)
FLAT CARDS  : The Mermaid of Zennor
FOLDED  CARDS : Godrevy Lighthouse

This fabric was named ” Cool Coast”, covered with illustration of Simon Hart. This pattern was from his trip to Cornwall, England. I love this colors and calmness. I made letterpress cards with famous scenery of  Godrevy Lighthouse, and The Mermaid of Zennor from a local legend of Cornwall.


 この布の名である”Cordelia”とは、花びらの少ないイングリッシュローズの一種のことであり、また「リア王」に登場する王の娘の名でもあります。王に代わって英国を統治し、”Crowned Queen(王冠をかぶった女王)”とも言われるそうです。彼女にちなんだ王冠と、ローズからインスパイヤされたモチーフをあしらいました。 

featured fabric : “Cordelia” ( Liberty / standard collection)
message pencil : “DO THE WRITE THING” (by MAKE A POIINT)
FLAT CARDS  : The Crowned Queen
FOLDED  CARDS  : Cordelia Rose 

This fabric was named “Cordelia”, it means two things. One is the name of a kind  of old English roses, another is the name of the daughter of King Lear. She is called “Crowned Queen” because she reigned England instead of the King. I put crown motif and Cordelia rose on cards inspired from that story.


この布の名前は”Private View”。展覧会などで一足先に関係者にのみ公開される様子と、人が並んだユニークでっポップなパターンから、わくわくする気持ちで出かける気分を表現しました。赤いパンプスと、特等席で見る絵をモチーフにしました。

featured fabric : “Private View” ( Liberty / 2004 seasonal collection)
message pencil : “EXPLOR. DREAM. DISCOVER.” (by EARMARK)
FLAT CARDS  : Go To The Garelly
FOLDED  CARDS  : A Special Seat  

This fabric was named “Private View”. The pattern of many people in line is so unique and pop. I would like to pack in this box, full of anticipation that we feel before going out to new place. Red pumps and the picture which is seen from the best angle.

Author: yoko