new favorite things


Those are my new favorite things, the wonderful gifts for my birthday on January!
I just love to see their subtle gradations of pink…

//upper left//
“Pumpkins” from my dear friends.
May be named after their cute shape. Those are beautiful ceramic magnets which used as a knobs.
//upper right//
Vintage knitted dress from my Mom.
It’s a long lean dress made by Mom’s friends for some decades ago, it’s all hand woven and I just love that colors!
//lower left//
The complete books of Saijiki from my husband.
These are visual and glossary books of Japanese seasonal terms. Many of haiku composers use this kind of book, but I desire to have these large-sized and hard covered ones. Such gorgeous books!
//lower right//
The bouquet of layered tulips from my aunt.
She gives me a beautiful bouquet every year, and these are doubled tulips with blend of sweet pink and white…

Thank you so much for your thoughts!!!

Author: yoko