自分の仕事をつくる_make your own work』の著者である西村佳哲さんの本。前著からの著者自身の思考の推移もかいま見え、そして日本全体の「はたらく」ことへの問題提起も見え、非常に興味深く、私にとっては必要な本だった。

自分をいかして生きる live alive? 』著者:西村佳哲  出版社:バジリコ

I’ve been off the blog for about a month. I’ve been so busy for my jobs… I’m totally fed up with such life style that I can’t do nothing what I really want to do. I will change it from next year. but, fortunately, there are some orders for letterpress printing, and I ‘m almost getting ready for letterpress printing work!

Tomorrow is holiday, but it’s not Thanksgiving Day. In Japan it’s called Labor Thanksgiving Day. So I post about a Japanese book which I read recently and helped for me to think about how to work from now on.