Steve Cossman

先日ニューヨークで、友人の結婚式の招待状を刷っていたアーティストのSteve Cossman。彼から、その招待状ができあがったという知らせをもらいました。

his final print

Steve Cossman is a Brooklyn based artist, I met him at The Arm, Brooklyn. He was busy for printing wedding invitations for his friends. The other day, he sent me the picture of final prints!! Isn’t it so pretty? He printed about 200 with more than 4 colors, such a hard work!

Steveは、Brooklynで活動するアーティストで、”NIGHT AWL PRESS”としてプリントや製本の作品を制作をしてます。それ以外にも映像の作品も作るマルチな才能の持ち主。

“NIGHT AWL PRESS” is the label of his print making works. In printmaking, he makes books, woodcuts and type mostly. He makes not only prints, but films. He is so talented!

the works of NIGHT AWL PRESS

なんと、今回、彼の”TUSSELEMUSCLE”という映像作品が、3/23~28までミシガン州のアナーバーで開催された”Ann Arbor Film Festival”の招待作品として、上映されたそうです。

His recent film “TUSSELEMUSCLE” was invited and showed at ”Ann Arbor Film Festival”, which was held in Ann Arbor 23-28 March,2010!



You could see a bit of this film here. This beauty might be made with detailed handwork, cut and paste each film pieces… If we seen this on a big screen, it will be more mysterious and beautiful.

Congratulations, Steve!

{all image from Steve Cossman and his website }

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