Studio Visit : The Arm -1


McCarren Park, Williamsburg/Brooklyn

I took some appointments to several letterpress studios during my visit to New York. They are all located in Brooklyn. I ‘ve heard that because the land prices are really high in Manhattan, creators moved away to Brooklyn, it is truth. and I didn’t know Brooklyn is such a huge area. I visited to The Arm studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Then I realized, ..Oh, this is the center and leader of the new wave of letterpress in New York.

大雪の後の日、まず、訪れたのはThe Arm


{ image : from The Arm }

スタジオのオーナーであるDanは、もともと5代続いた印刷屋さんの家系。でも、これからの時代にレタープレスを残すには、と、実家の印刷所とは別に、自分のスタイルのまったく新しい印刷スタジオを興したのが、ここThe Arm。
このスタジオでは、Danによるレタープレスのレッスンやワークショップ、アーティストへの印刷機の貸し出しなど、様々な形でレタープレスにふれる機会を提供する取り組みのほか、アーティストの展覧会やそのオープニングパーティ、ライブなども行われてたりします。うー、これぞ「今」のレタープレスだ。詳しい様子はThe ArmのFlickrでどうぞ。

Dan, the owner of The Arm, is a son of printing family which was succeeded for 5 generations. But, he launched The Arm as his own studio apart from family business. This is completely different from Letterpress (called Kappan in Japanese) studios that we mostly imagine. Wonderfully mixed with street culture, casual, many people get together here.

In this studio, letterpress workshops and lessons take place here by Dan, presses are available for rent. Not only those activities to promote letterpress to people, but many social events including the exhibitions of local artists and live performances are often held here, too. this is the real letterpress studio style of the moment. You could see more pictures of this studio at here.

It was open studio day, Dan (right) is adjusting Vandercook printer.

そのうちの一人、Steve Cossman。彼はBrooklyn在住のアーティストで、今日は友人の結婚式の招待状を200部刷りに来ていた。(updated:刷り上がった招待状はこちら!)
There were various kind of people here today. One is coming to print, other is coming to just chat. Very nice atmosphere. One of them, Steve Cossman, local artists, was printing his friend’s wedding invitations. He is engraving the lino cut, then off to print 200 sheets. (updated: see the final print here!)

Many artists uses this studio including my favorite illustrator/typographer Jessica Hische. She is so talented and I love her creations! I swooned to see this print of her Daily Drop Cap Project which was printed at The Arm. Such a gorgeous!!!

このほかにも、たくさんのアーティストがこのスタジオを使っていて、私の好きな、イラストレーターでありかなり素敵なタイポグラファーのJessica Hischeも、ここでこのプリントを刷ったそう。
これは、彼女のDaily Drop Capという、毎日アルファベットをひとつずつ作っていくプロジェクトの作品。現物のプリントを見せていただき、興奮。美しいー。この作品は彼女のWebサイトで購入できます。


I’d like to thank Dan so much for taking his time to answer my questions!
He is so kind to everyone and admired… Go to next report.

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