typography school

{ entrance of typeshop g }

その後、アトリエに場所を移して、ドリンクとMARUICHI BAGELのおいしいベーグルをいただきながら、Universe好きの先生の Helvetica forever談義をたっぷり。刺激に満ちた一日だった。
内容は先生のブログで。Helvetica foever関連のスライドショーもあったりします。

I had a special typography class of typeshop_g which is a swiss typography school in Tokyo that recently I joined.
Teacher, Mr. Hitoshi Koizumi, lectured us about grid systems, with his handmade textbook.
After the lecture, moved to atelier, we usually have lessons, and had another session about “Helvetica forever” (He is a chief editor of Japanese edition) , with some drinks and nice bagles from MARUICHI BAGLE.
Ah, ..so rich and exciting day!
Most of all entries of his blog are written in Japanese only, but you must be enjoyed to see this slideshow.

{ bagles from MARUICHI BAGLE, shirokane-takanawa }