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San Franciscoでは、letterpress関連でいくつか行きたいところがあったので、東京からアポをとっていました。
ひとつめの訪問先はSmall Square Design
Basak Notzさんがデザイナーのレタープレスのレーベル。

i had some places wanted to visit in San Francisico…
First, i visited to Basak Notz of the beautiful letterpress company, small square design.
i love her simple, cute illustration and delicate design (i love this scissors so much !) , and really impressed with her carrer as a letterpress designer included her career change…that’s why i wanted to meet her.


約束の時間に間に合うように、急いでMississippi St.へ。


she welcomed us at her house up on the hill, with cuty 2 years old girl and Buddy the dog.


she uses pen tool insetad of mouse.

i was happy to have a chance to look around her house, where she usually develop her design.
i could shared with her how is the process of making letterpress cards, other useful letterpress infomation, and so on.
it was absolutely meanigful time for me to hear Basak’s comments and advise about how was she so far, and how is she going to be, as a letterpress designer, as a woman, and as a mother.

San Franciscoのレタープレス事情は別途書こうと思いますが、


letterpress is time-consuming, labor-intensive work.
If many requests came in, we have to print much more than ever, then we should decide to take the way of , 1) to change the house into studio with buying additional equipment such a big printer, cutter.. or 2) to delegate some works to others.
She is latter case, she is doing only design and delegate making plate and prints to the partner company. i think it is the best way for mom who have children.
She is going to take a few years off because of her coming second children 🙂

stock ready for shipping

この黒板に描かれた絵は、Basakの友人で、San Franciscoのレタープレススタジオ Dutch Door PressのMaraとAnnaによるものだそう。ここに書かれる絵は時期によって変わるんだって!

chalkboard, in the livingroom

This drawing on chalk board made by Basak’s friends , Mara and Anna of Dutch Door Press, San Francisco based letterpress studio. it’s so kawaii !
the drawings going to be changed vary at different periods…what a fun idea!


She also has amazing good sence of interior…the house is perfectly comfortable.
To see more details of her house, you could see here and here at Design*Sponge!

Basak is so bright , talented lady and has awesome design sence!
I am very happy to acquainted with her…She might be back with 2 babies and full of happiness 🙂
She is going to branch out as an artist to making baby clothes, etc…i can’t wait for her next work!

Thank you sooooo much, Basak!!


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