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Stemは、おしゃれなお花屋さんでもあり、すてきなセレクトの雑貨やベイビー系のかわいい服や小物なども売っているお店。開放的なエントランス と気持ちのよい空気感は絶妙。このお店があるmission地区はヒスパニック系の人たちも多く住んでいて、独特の雰囲気でとっても楽しい。

Stem is the floral studio and selling nice home and baby things. I love this opening and confortable atomosphere of this shop. Stem is located in the area called Misson, lots of Hispanic people live, it is fun to see around there.
I’m coming here to get letterpress cards, am satisfied with their select 🙂
(* Stem has closed in 09 summer…)

eriko and me / letterpressed business card


There is japanese lady behind the counter at that time. She is eriko, bookbinding artist. Thanks to eriko, we got to know where should we go. she recommended to some place worth to visit.

Stemへ訪れた際は、すぐ近くのTARTINE bakery & cafeへ。

If you visit to Stem, you should go TARTINE bakery too. You could have various of tasty bread, fresh from the oven, quiche, tart…also you could have the cookbook of TARTINE.
everyone here is so relaxed with favorite dises with talking, reading books, enbroidering…and so on.

recently closed…

TARTINE bakery & cafe
600 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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