wrapping papers : Yoshino


{ image from Yoshino’s website nocodico }

I visited the exhibition of Yoshino, the illustrator, which is featured on her works of wrapping papers.


{ displayed at the entrance }


She usually makes illustrations and lithograph printing, she said making wrapping papers was the new trial for her. I ‘m really interested in nice papers which can be used as envelope liners for our stationery items.
Her design has calm, soft and pure feelings, but a spice of luminous colors stood out among the feeling. These papers were made by digital stencil printing, called “Retro Insatsu” in Japanese. “Retro” is “retrospective”. Many spontaneous shear and overlaps are created by this old fashioned and nostalgic way of printing. It added a bit of crafty feelings to the prints.

 { a souvenir cookie box wrapped with Yoshino’s paper }

この展示ではAfterhoursさんとコラボもあり、この包みの中にはおいしいクッキーが。 会場では、1日だけカフェもやったそうです。Afterhoursさんのブログにもおいしい写真とともに綴られています。

{ cookies from Afterhours…so goood!! }

She collaborated with “Afterhours“. These yummy cookies were in the box wrapped with Yoshino’s paper. Taste so good! They opened one-day cafe at the gallery. There are much more yummy photos in Afterhours weblog.

Author: yoko